You can protect the investment you made into buying a new Mitsubishi vehicle by ensuring that you bring your vehicle to our Mitsubishi service center periodically. Some of the appointments that you schedule should provide routine maintenance for your car or SUV. Aside from preventive appointments, you should also schedule repairs anytime you've noticed something doesn't seem to be functioning quite right when you're behind the wheel.

Some of the routine maintenance that we provide to our clients in the Martinsburg, WV area include:

Routine Oil Changes

Your Mitsubishi should have its oil changed periodically. The time frame specified by the manufacturer for your make and model gets addressed in your owner's manual. We can also work out an appropriate schedule with you based on your Stephens City driving habits and the products used for your oil changes. We also recommend having your oil filter changed with each oil fluid change.

Inspection of Your Mitsubishi

A routine inspection of your vehicle will provide us with the opportunity to catch any minor issues that may be present so that we can make adjustments or repairs with authentic parts. Issues can be something as simple as low tread on your tires. You may have a turn signal that isn't functioning. We may also catch something that is a minor fix now, but it could turn into something expensive if you were to neglect a repair.

Tire Service

Service for your tires includes checking the tread wear to see if all four tires have an even pattern on them. We also want to make sure that you have enough tread on your tires to promote a safe grip on the road while you're driving around Woodstock, VA.

You can contact our dealership near Front Royal for more information on service for your Mitsubishi car or SUV. We can schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians for any work that your vehicle needs to have performed.