Imagine it. You wake up and temperatures have dipped again and it’s snowing outside. You put on a sweatshirt, make the coffee and get ready for work. You feel comfortable inside, but you feel a sense of dread. You know that soon you will have to brave the freezing temperatures to start the car and let it warm up, but that’s the easy part. Then comes the part where you have to navigate potentially treacherous snowy roads, hoping your car doesn’t spin out. But what can you do? Snow or no snow, life goes on - and you have bills to pay. 

Sound Scary? 


It is! Your safety is of the utmost importance - you are right to be concerned. Fortunately, newer cars come with many features that are designed to not only keep you safe, but to keep you comfortable during the winter months. 


What Are These Features? 

  1. Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive
    The first and most obvious feature to look for in a winter-safe vehicle is Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive. This feature is becoming more and more common in newer model vehicles, but many people still use Front Wheel Drive. With 4WD or AWD, the engine is sending power to all four tires instead of just the front two tires.

    What this means for you: You get a LOT more traction when driving on ice, so you don’t have to worry as much about slipping and sliding! 

    The Subaru Outback is an All Wheel Drive vehicle! Not to mention it has some of the other features on this list.

  1. Remote Start
    Gone are the days of sleepily making the trek out into the ice and snow to start Miss Daisy! This feature allows you to start your car from a distance without even stepping foot outside. This can usually be done with the touch of a button!

    What this means for you: You get the comfort of a warm vehicle without having to brave the arctic tundra outside. Although be warned, you will still have to brave the arctic tundra to get TO your warm car. Hopefully you have a garage! 

    Example: The Chevy Equinox is a great example of a car with this feature. Not only does it have the remote start feature, it also comes with All Wheel Drive!

  1. Heated Seats - Heated Mirrors - Heated Everything!
    Heated seats are being seen less and less as a luxury feature and more and more as a necessity! Is there anything nicer than being able to get into your car and start thawing out with the push of a button? Many newer models come with other heated features as well. Like a heated steering wheel (you know, for when it’s so cold you’re afraid your hands might actually freeze), and heated mirrors.

    What this means for you: Heated Seats and a Heated Steering Wheel insure that you never have to worry about freezing in your car, while Heated Mirrors make it possible to actually use them when it’s cold outside. It’s a win all the way around! 

    Example: If you're looking for something with style as well as comfort, the Luxury Collection Cadillac SRX is a great option, and it includes All Wheel Drive!


There are, of course, many features that are amazing for winter - these are just a few of the very best. Do you feel ready to explore your options before the freezing temperatures set in? Contact us and one of our experienced Sales Professionals would be happy to talk to you about how we can get you into a vehicle that fits your needs! Remember, nothing is worth more than yours and your family's safety.

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